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  Index du forum > Général > Musique > strict timing on pieces?

Inscrit le : 28-08-2017
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strict timing on pieces?    (17-10-17 @ 10:02:59)        

I hear a lot of interptretations that change the timing of certain pieces. For example, Debussy's Clair de Lune has much longer sustains and shorter faster sections as written, but is not played that way (from what I gather). The rhythms as written already seems improvisational, and there is a story a pianist asked Debussy if he should play the piece freely, and Debussy looked at the floor thinking that was the last time the pianist will be on it. So it seems he was quite adamant on the timing, but why do interpretations I hear differ from the writing, pretty noticably too?

Please help.

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  Index du forum > Général > Musique > strict timing on pieces?

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